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Why Join the ICFDA Online Video/Audio subscription:

Welcome to our Audio Video subscription program for supporters of ICFDA/

Why a subscribe? ICFDA/ is making available new educational tools, sponsoring monthly lectures and Drug Awareness forums designed to make a bigger influence on our communities and the world in spreading information about mind altering medications – antidepressants & atypical antipsychotics in particular & their negative impact upon our world along with information on Safe Natural Alternatives for Mental Health.

The purpose of the lectures is to educate on the adverse reactions to these drugs plus the principles of health to rebuild the body & brain. For those of you familiar with Ann Blake-Tracy’s work you are well aware of her vast knowledge of what antidepressants do physically, mentally & spiritually to those who use them. No one has worked harder or longer in gathering cases to show the world the negative impact of SSRI antidepressants.  Ann Blake-Tracy has been the pioneer in heading the way to gain the truth about these drugs.  She has led the way in this area.  She has been raising media awareness via radio, newspaper & television since 1991.  She has raised many issues over the years about the SSRI antidepressants – many of which have now been supported by medical research and many that have YET TO BE ADDRESSED & MADE PUBLIC!

For instance,  Ann Blake-Tracy was the first to publicly discuss before the world:

#1 The SSRI antidepressants do NOT work because they do the opposite of what medical research shows needs to be done to help with depression. In other words the hypothesis is backwards!

#2 The very serious withdrawal associated with antidepressants & delayed withdrawal.

#3 The extreme dangers of abrupt withdrawal. (The FDA has since warned that ANY abrupt change in dose of an antidepressant can produce suicide, hostility, or psychosis – generally a manic psychosis leading to a diagnosis of Bipolar,)

#4 The problem with the P450 liver enzyme lacking in 7% – 10% of the population who take these drugs.

#5 Questions about the potential negative effects of these drugs upon the unborn & nursing infants.

#6 The overwhelming cravings for alcohol, sugar, caffeine, nicotine, etc. brought on by antidepressants.

#7 To refer to antidepressants as the “divorce pills” discussing their strong potential to disrupt families.

#8 The direct connection between antidepressants and False Memory Syndrome which suddenly appeared with the introduction of Prozac to the market.

# The strong potential of antidepressants to repress REM sleep thus leading to a huge increase in the deadly REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD) (Research has now shown that 86% of those diagnosed with RBD are currently taking an antidepressant!)

#9 The fatal potential of increasing serotonin to high resulting in Serotonin Syndrome which produces death via multiple organ failure.

#10 To connect the antidepressants to the increase in murder/suicides, suicide by cop, mothers killing their children, workplace violence, etc.

#11 To link antidepressants with the huge increase is diagnois for Bipolar Disorder, Fibromyalgia, Autism, Misscarriage, MS, cancer, sleep walking, etc.

#12 The strong steroid effect of antidepressants with one study from Eli Lilly demonstrating that one single 30mg of Prozac given as only one dose to someone, who never takes it again, clearly DOUBLES the level of cortisol.Of course this effect retards growth & development as well as a host of other very serious adverse effects! This may be one of the reasons so many switch from heterosexual to homosexual on antidepressants.

We will invite Ann Blake-Tracy to share with us her knowledge on various topics related to Health.  Drug Awareness is a place (online and live in-person meetings) for like-minded individuals to come together to discuss how we can effectively spread information about the dangers of these drugs & the impact upon our world plus information on how to “wake up” our family, friends, associates and neighbors.

Membership is only $50/Month.  The subscription gives you the opportunity to be able to watch online all of the other video’s that we offer. Those DVD’s include messages from Ann Blake-Tracy, special short Health-related videos created by ICFDA/, television & radio programs by Ann Blake-Tracy over the past two decades of educating about antidepressants – many 3 & 4 hour radio shows and quality videos created by others that can be used to educate others. Your monthly subscription dues will help fund the website, help track & document cases involving antidepressants, make changes with the FDA, and more… terms and conditions

What’s included:

 As a member your dues support the many causes and projects of ICFDA/*  X
Instant online access to over 50+ Audio / radio show with Ann Blake-Tracy.

  • The Withdraw/Detox Help Audio “Help! I can’t get off my antidepressant!”
Instant online access to 6 online ad free Full length Videos with Ann Blake-Tracy.


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* As a subscriber you support the many causes and projects of (Research, Website updates, Newsletter, YouTube Videos, Documentary, DVD’s, Speakers, Drug Awareness Help Forum, Podcast/Radio shows, etc). The frequency and timing of all of these things will depend on how many people signup for the subscription. The more financial assistance we receive the more we can do for the cause of Drug Awareness.

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Ann Blake-Tracy

Director & Founder of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness,

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