PROZAC (eBook) – Download Instructions

Then After Purchase and payment has cleared.

Register at

Then we will activate and set the right permissions then once it is done.

Then you will go to the following link:

Right click on the text link below.

ebook download

[Right click on Prozac: Panacea or pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare 2014 (eBook)]

Depending on the browser you are using you will get one of the following messages.

Click on [And click on “save as”, “save link as” or “Save target as”] 

ebook download save

[Click on “save as”, “save link as” or “Save target as”]

  1. Check File name to say : “Ann-Blake-Tracy-COMPLETE-Help-I-Cant-Get-Off-My-Antidepressant-80min.mp3” [See red arrow 1 below]
  2. Click save [See red arrow 2 below]

ebook download save location

The Download can take up to 10min depending on the internet speed.

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