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  1. Choose Oils & Health or Drugs – Ann Blake-Tracy 2004 – Private
  2. COAST 2 COAST With Barbra Simpson 12-01 – Private
  3. Ann Blake-Tracy’s Help I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant – Private
  4. 1-21-07 kfyi AZ
  6. Ann Blake-Tracy on coast to coast WITH HILLY ROSE
  7. Barefoot Health Talk dr Steve & Janet Westinliberty works radionetwork
  8. BOB DAVIS am1500 2-19-08
  9. Bob lee 8-29-91 KUTR
  10. COAST 2 COAST W- Barbra Simpson 12-01
  13. COAST 2 COAST W- IAN PUNNETT 11-19-05
  14. COAST 2 COAST W- IAN PUNNETT 12-27-00
  15. Dr Cole colecenter com Is Mental Illness the Result of Taking SSRIs – Interview Ann Blake-Tracy
  16. Eagle form convention sep 2001 Are Legal Drugs Dangerous
  17. ETC KUSU FM 11-7-91
  18. fm1071 ianpunnett 2-27-08
  19. For you health
  20. Ian – MJ on Zoloft
  21. K-Star 1400 am with Dawn Rider
  22. k-talk Jim Kirkwood part 11-16-07 *
  23. KTKK 7-98 with Scott Lindsey & Ann Blake-Tracy
  24. LDS Home EDU Conf jun97 Prozac Panacea or Pandora
  25. LIBERTY FORUM rec over phone
  26. NPR
  27. Preparedness Show3-18-00
  28. Prozac David and Fawn Christopher
  29. Prozac Fawn Christopher
  30. Radio Live with Phyllis Schlafly Colorado anti-drug revolution 12-4-99
  31. Stockwell 5-6-99
  32. Stockwell 11-8-98
  33. Talkline 9-26-97
  34. The Barbara Simpson Program 2-23-08
  35. The Spiritual Nature of Pharmaceutical Drugs
  36. Total Health 2003
  37. YL Ann Blake-Tracy – Clint Walker
  38. Young Living Essential Oils – A Better Choice Ann Blake-Tracy – Training Tape #44 Young Living jun 2002
  39. Is Mental Illness the Result of Taking SSRIs – Interview Ann Blake-Tracy part 1 and 2
  40. Radio Live with Phyllis Schlafly Colorado anti-drug revolution 12-4-99
  41. Ann Blake-Tracy pharma drug dangers on the vinny eastwood show 5-11-12
  42. Dr Rima and Ann Blake-Tracy on GDS and Psychiatric Drugs
  43. Govern America with Darren Weeks Dec 17, 12
  44. The Midnight Talk – Ann Blake Tracy on SSRI Meds
  45. “Green Tea with Marilee” Show with Marilee Tolen and Ann Blake Tracy
  46. Ann Blake-Tracy on Coast to Coast AM JohnBWells 1-19-13

Video included 

  1. Columbine High School-CBN News
  2. 48 Hours Chris Pittman – TDA-DVS-2012-02-28-0000.mpg
  3. ITV West Eye View
  4. Oprah ssri
  5. Anns zero hour – TDA-DVS-2012-02-27-0000.mpg
  6. Ann Blake-Tracy Documentary – TDA-DVS-2012-02-27-0000.mpg
  7. Title_01a.mp4
  8. Ann Blake-Tracy SLCC 01
  9. Ann Blake-Tracy part 2
  10. Ann Blake-Tracy SLCC
  11. Title 01a
  13. Dr. Christopher Shop
  14. Ann Blake-Tracy & Mark Taylor at The SLC Hilton
  15. Ann Blake-Tracy’s lecture in her hometown of Safford, Az
  16. Effects SSRI’s/Serotonin on Spirituality
  17. False Memory Syndrome
  18. The History Of Mind Control
  19. Bipolar Shmipolar
  20. R.E.M. Sleep Behavior Disorder
  21. Why I took a gun to school! Corey’s Story

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