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Our Executive Director, Ann Blake-Tracy, has been researching, writing, and lecturing about serotoneric medications since 1990. And since 1992 she has been testifying in court cases as an expert witness, in both the US and Canada, involving serotonergic medications – antidepressants, some pain killers, & the newer atypical antipsychotics.

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Expert Witness Services

Since March of 1992 Ann Blake-Tracy has been testifying in all kinds of cases involving antidepressant medications. In the very first case the attorney was pleasantly surprised to see the jury come back with such a light sentence after Ann Blake-Tracy testified. Then one of the recent attorneys she worked for (who initially was not excited to have her testify) said to her when the case was over, “You are an attorney’s dream!”

Ann Blake-Tracy has always stressed the great importance of getting expert testimony to the level of the jury. She points out that they are the ones who make the decisions and therefore, MUST understand what is being said. It does no good for experts to use language the jury does not understand. In order for a jury to be “fully informed” they have to understand the experts’ jargon or have the expert put their testimony in plain English. Using technical medical terminology does nothing to bring enough understanding of a case in order to reach a just verdict.

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