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Ann Blake Tracy, is the director of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness. She has specialized for 20 years in adverse reactions to serotonergic medications (such as Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, Effexor, Serzone, Anafranil, Fen-Phen, and Redux) and has testified before the FDA and congressional subcommittee members on Prozac. She has testified since 1992 as an expert witness in Prozac and other SSRI related court cases around the world.

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors do exactly that: Inhibit the reuptake of serotonin, thus leaving excess serotonin which allows this stimulation to continue. It has long been known that inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin will produce depression, suicide, violence, psychosis, mania, cravings for alcohol and other drugs, reckless driving, etc.

The most popular drugs that produce this reuptake of serotonin are: SSRI Antidepressants: Prozac, Serafem, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, Celexa, Lexapro SNRI Antidepressants: Effexor, Remeron, Serzone, Cymbalta

Atypical Antipsychotics: Zyprexa, Geodon, Abilify, Seroquel, Risperdal

Weight Loss Medications: Fen-Phen, Redux, Meridia

Pain Killers: (Any opium or heroin derivative) Morphine, OxyContin, Ultram, Tramadol, Percocet, Percodan, Lortab, Demerol, Darvon or Darvocet, Codeine, Buprenex, Dilaudid, Talwin, Stadol, Vicodin, Duragesic Patches, Fentanyl Transdermal, Methadone, Dextromethorphan (commonly used in cough syrups), etc.

Taper off very, very slowly.

Dropping “cold turkey” off any medication, most especially mind altering medications, can often be MORE DANGEROUS than staying on the drugs.

The most dangerous and most common mistake someone coming off the SSRI antidepressants makes is coming off these drugs too rapidly. Tapering off very, very, VERY SLOWLY–OVER MONTHS (and for long-term usersâa year or more), NOT JUST WEEKS! has proven the safest and most effective method of withdrawal from this type of medication. Thus the body is given the time it needs to readjust its own chemical levels. Patients must be warned to come very slowly off these drugs by shaving minuscule amounts off their pills each day, as opposed to cutting them in half or taking a pill every other day.

This cannot be stressed strongly enough! This information on EXTREMELY gradual withdrawal is the most critical piece of information that someone facing withdrawal from these drugs needs to have.


No matter how few or how many side effects you have had on these antidepressants, withdrawal is a whole new world. The worst part of rapid withdrawal does not hit for several months AFTER you quit. So even if you think you are doing okay you quickly find that it becomes much worse.

If you do not come off correctly and rebuild your body as you do, you risk:

– Creating bouts of overwhelming depression
– Producing a MUCH longer withdrawal and recovery period than if you had come off slowly
– Overwhelming fatigue causing you to be unable to continue daily tasks or costing your job
– Having a psychotic break brought on by the terrible insomnia from the rapid withdrawal, and then being locked in a psychiatric ward
– Ending up going back on the drugs (each period on the drugs tends to be more dangerous and problematic than the previous time you were on the drugs) and having more drugs added to calm the withdrawal effects
– Seizures and other life threatening physical reactions
– Violent outbursts or rages

Although the book contains massive amounts of information you can find nowhere else on these drugs, it does not have the extensive amount of information contained in the tape on withdrawal. The tape contains newer and updated information on safe withdrawal from these drugs. The tape details over an hour and a half the safest ways found over the last ten years to withdraw from antidepressants. It also lists many alternative treatments that can assist you in getting though the withdrawal. And it contains information on how to rebuild your health after you have had it destroyed by the drugs so that you never end up on these drugs again. The tape is very inexpensive and will save you thousands in medical bills which you will spend trying to do it on your own. Many have lamented that they wished they would have had the information on this tape before attempting withdrawal.

This is a tape doctors can also benefit from when attempting to withdraw their patients from these drugs that the World Health Organization has now told us are addictive and produce withdrawal.

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help i cant get off my antidepressant doctor and Lake creepy address the move think that theory is true and very dangerous put into a withdrawal from America’s most popular antidepressant with their opener to Canada Britain have been be in the area researcher routine repair the last 10 years doctor treating you tesified as an expert witness in cases involving me drugs for seven years is the author of the book prozac panacea or Pandora and had the International Coalition for drug awareness additional information can be found in her book find on the coalition website at WWW drug awareness da who argued let me warn you in the beginning that I will be giving you lots have information on this tape and you will not be able to comprehend all oven listening to adjust once it will be important to listen to it often one woman always takes a tape with her and her car so that she can listen as she goes about her errands for the day the drugs were talking about to their prozac zoloft packs all luv box affects or Sears on so like Sir Remeron and the new Sarah fam which is given for p.m. ass as well as the diet drugs fen-fen redox and meridia we will also be discussed seen several other drugs which have very strong effects on serotonin anafranil orkla meant for mean decir el also called transit down and I loved the anti-depressants do affects serotonin levels so the Tri cyclic anti-depressants the MAOI is many of the new anti psychotics act on serotonin as well like site praxis Eric well-respected all they are not the only ones there are other medications given for various ailments that do affects serotonin levels if you find that the drug that you’re using affects serotonin all this information will apply to them as well in all of them are known as serotonergic medications the safe withdrawal guidelines contained here will work with all my adultery medications anti-psychotics medications for bipolar disorder that valium family and drugs we’ve also seen them work well for withdrawal from seizure medications such as deborah code word I lampton because these are mainly serotonergic medications that we’re talking about withdrawing from on this tape as we go into this I believe it is important to explain a little bit about the serotonin hypothesis behind these drugs it will be repetitious to you to some extent if you’ve read my book prozac panacea or Pandora are serotonin nightmare but understanding this information before we go into the withdrawal method is very important keep in mind as I referred prozac it is only because this is the drug that was the pattern for all the others that came out after it and its reactions are a general rule of thumb for what you will see and each of these medications summer stronger than others and have their own brand name but they all basically work the same and how similar affects most critical to understand is that the hypothesis behind the serotonergic medications is wrong medical research over the last 50 years proves that as does the newest research the incorrect theory behind these drugs years that serotonin levels are low in depression OCD anxiety it septra serotonin is a chemical that is normally found in the brain and known as a neurotransmitter if serotonin is low in these disorders that theory is then that we need drugs like prozac zoloft pack so it’s extra to increase the level of serotonin in our brains and this is how these drugs came about the problem with this as they did you read back through them medical research over the last 50 years you will find some very interesting information that shows this theory is completely backwards first as we look at the history of serotonin we need to go back to the research have doctor Felix allman a doctor in israel who pioneered the research on serotonin in the fifties and sixties as he worked with those who had higher serotonin levels due to an inability to metabolize serotonin by their own bodies he came to realize that serotonin was a stressed natural hormone indicating in stress through the nervous system and the brain and throughout the body he found that these poor metabolizers have serotonin would have serotonin build up to high levels in their systems when this would happen he determined that they were actually being poisoned by the serotonin produced by their own bodies which they were not able to metabolize he called this toxic condition the serotonin irritations syndrome now the serotonergic drugs work by impairing the serotonin metabolism so that serotonin levels will increase chemically induced seen higher serotonin levels exactly what doctor Suman sign is patience doctor Suleman learned that these victims with poor serotonin metabolism suffered from irritability sleeplessness pains around the heart difficulty breathing morse Nina bronchial complaints tension and anxiety that would appear from out of nowhere they also suffered spontaneous abortion they would sleep on the edge and consciousness and awake at the slightest provocation and not be able to return to sleep and if you’ve read the chapter on sleeping prozac panacea or Pandora you already know how many terrible problems physical as well as mental that a disruption no sleep alone can cause so as we move away from doctor Suleman’s work where he reported the serious problems with serotonin we look at additional research that we’ve had over the last thirty to forty years as you read this medical research and serotonin you find that high levels of serotonin are found in schizophrenia and psychosis mania mood disorders which includes depression and anxiety organic brain disease mental retardation and that risk is greater in children one of the main reasons why these drugs that increase serotonin have not been approved as safe for children autism is also a state in which we find high levels of serotonin alzheimer’s old age anorexia constriction a bronchial tubes and constriction and arteries to the heart one of the main functions of serotonin is constriction a muscle tissue the report some muscle damage and conditions with tightening of the muscles such as TMJ came in early on with these drugs now let’s discuss what we know about lowered levels of serotonin metabolism remember as the metabolism serotonin increases the serotonin level goes up if you can’t metabolize said of course serotonin is going to build up so when we discuss lowered serotonin metabolism we are also talking about increase serotonin levels or serotonin toxicity not only do we know that these SSRI antidepressant slower the metabolism of serotonin we even know it what percentage each of them lower the levels other that metabolism the studies indicating each percentage at which these drugs lower serotonin metabolism are listed in the book prozac panacea or Pandora studies show that with lowered serotonin metabolism comes impulsive murder and suicide especially very violent suicide our son repeated suicide attempts violent crime insomnia and depression abusive alcohol and other drugs impulsive acts with no concern for punishment reckless drivin look at the road rage we now see that we’ve never heard of before these drugs became so popular dependence on other chemicals such as nicotine caffeine cocaine cetera you’ll often see cravings for these things along with cravings for nutrasweet or sugar in patients using these drugs that lower serotonin metabolism also associated with impaired serotonin metabolism are bulimia multiple suicide attempts someone with impaired serotonin metabolism will not stop with one suicide attempt they will continue almost non-stop making attempts hostility more contact with police exhibitionism arguments with spouses friends and relatives often leading to divorce obsessive-compulsive behavior impaired employment due to hostility the most likely reason we now hear the term desk rage anorexia is another what is bright mean is that these drugs are being given for so many have the disorders that we listed that we know through medical research come from increased levels of serotonin caused by an inability to metabolize serotonin the exact method by which these drugs work obviously we have made a terrible mistake by increasing serotonin and decreasing the metabolism of serotonin throughout the system producing a worsening other problems that most patients had before they started on the serotonergic anti-depressants with the widespread use of these drugs we see this is a tragic situation in our country and throughout the world today now that you understand a little bit about serotonin let’s discuss a few medical conditions in which we see high serotonin levels hyper certainly Mia carcinoid syndrome and serotonin syndrome hyper certainly Mia is a condition in which serotonin levels are much too high this can produce very serious complications medically as well as serious neurological and psychiatric disorders carcinoid syndrome is a set of symptoms caused by the elevated serotonin levels as well which is produced by the secretion of serotonin by carcinoid tumors you can see the effects of this in Flushing the scan lasting from minutes today’s diarrhea bronchial constrictive attacks sudden drops in blood pressure Adina you also find abnormal accumulation serous fluid in the abdominal cavity also known as dropsy or period Neal dropsy over time you begin to see the distended abdominal cavity which is one of the reasons why so many people on these medications will begin to look pregnant whether they are male or female the serotonin irritations and romance doctor soloman called it is a toxic state where the body is literally poisoning itself from too much serotonin the serotonin syndrome is generally caused by a combination of two or more drugs one of which is a selective serotonergic medication like those we’re discussing here it is a condition that can kill you in a 24-hour period lithium is another drug that also increases serotonin can produce the serotonin syndrome in combination with these anti-depressants in Mayo inhibitors used in conjunction with these serotonergic medications will also produce serotonin syndrome there are strong warnings about using them in conjunction with any of these drugs because it can and in death electroconvulsive therapy ECT or shock treatment also increases serotonin can lead to this condition in which the high serotonin levels shut down major organs serotonin syndrome is serious it can be fatal killing a patient in less than a 24-hour period when you reach the point of suffering serotonin syndrome you have to be withdrawn from the drugs cold turkey in order to preserve life this throws the entire system in shock so you not only have the serious problems to deal with the serotonin syndrome when you reach this point but you also have the withdrawal to deal with when this happens the abrupt withdrawal and this can be a horrifying experience this is what you want to avoid by the continuous use of these drugs that for serotonin levels to life-threatening heights these are the serious implications have long term use something anti-depressants and why it is so important to understand the problems surrounding the mistake in the hypothesis behind these drugs that affect serotonin all of these are conditions in which your body is being poisoned by the high serotonin the serotonin irritations syndrome something the doctor Suleman mourned oven is work half a century ago another warning that we should give years when you use cocaine LSD PCP ecstasy or even oxy cotton that’s become so popular for pain many the pain medications all of these drugs increase serotonin levels can interfere with these medications and produced death through serotonin syndrome another very serious medical problem associated with prozac is an amazing increase in cortisol the body’s version of cortisone one single dose of Prozac will double cortisol levels this is an alarming increase in very damaging to both the body and the brain increase cortisol is known to produce brain damage as well as all kinds a physical damage a condition in which there are high serotonin levels is Christian syndrome the symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome include the hump at the top of the spine at the back at the nak the rounded body with the smaller arms and legs while the body looks like a ball the rounded face that you see and downs syndrome or mongoloid is some emotional instability fluctuating from various degrees of euphoria form mania including full psychosis then to the depths of depression irritability decreased ability to handle stress decrease glucose tolerance diabetes and fasting hyperglycemia as well as increased urine glucose muscle weakness brought on by potassium loss and or the actual metabolism up muscle mass fractures due to decreased bone mineral retarded bone growth in children Adina for two teen abdominal cavity girdle obesity fluid retention around the face and eyes hackney abnormal hair growth masculine I Z in features in women have normal mammary gland function in me n even to the extent of producing milk Quito role in large mint peptic ulcers capillary weakness brought on by the protein loss hypertension is produced by the sodium and water retention increase production androgens steroids depressed immune system suppressed information response which can mask severe infection poor wound healing renal disorders tissue wasting bone demineralization will produce calcium in the urine increase potassium excretion cetera cushions can produce a fatal adrenal crisis now this all comes from increased cortisol remember prozac double set with one dose the following are the most common reactions reported to me over the last 10 years by patients on these drugs she might want to compare insomnia vivid in violent dreams inability to detect dreams from reality the world takes on an other-worldly aspect no emotions inability to feel guilt and an inability to cry I nausea loss and appetite rash breathing or lung problems shaking or an internal jittery nice unusual energy surges at times producing superhuman strength like with PCP memory impairment hair loss blurred vision or pressure behind the eyes inability to discontinue the use of the drug and/or increasing one’s on dose indicating drug dependence cravings for alcohol sweets another addictive substances are drinking large amounts of coffee your other caffeinated drinks or diet pop sweetened with nutrasweet headaches swelling and/or pains in the joints burning or tingling in the extremities muscle twitching or contractions tongue numbness or slurred speech sweating dizziness confusion chills or cold sweats muscle weakness some pain extreme fatigue hyperglycemia or diabeetus lowered immune system seizures or convulsions and these things an offspring of those using the drug during pregnancy as well as hyperactivity and those offspring and we still have no idea what the long-term effects are on offspring weight gain or weight loss are other reports mood swings altered personality symptoms of mania inability to sit still a restlessness racine thoughts acting silly you’re giddy patients report that they began to act like teenagers again sexual promiscuity leading to an unwanted pregnancy your divorce irresponsibility wild spending sprees gambling in criminal behavior shoplifting embezzling stealing hostility deceitfulness blank stares indicating Perry mal seizures inability to see any alternative in life thinking that you have no other choice in situations hyperactivity burst such as obsessive clean sprees aggressive or violent behaviors want him to ram other cars are driving irrationally or recklessly impulsive behavior with no concern for consequences numbness in various body parts the legs can go now man right out from under the Patient or the sexual organs go now I’m preventing orgasm leading to much sexual dysfunction reported now in some studies to be up to seventy percent of patients on these anti-depressants that are experiencing them also pulling away from loved ones or others previously close to them isolating oneself divorce I’ve called these the divorce pills for years they will create a divorce very rapidly even in those previously happily married for 20 to 30 years no desire to be touched paranoia falsely accusing others have abuse it can be family members acquaintances anybody losses spirituality feeling possessed or that something evil is inside the patient self-destructive behavior suicidal ideation suicidal ideation is now listed as a side effect and means that the patient thinks continuously a ways to commit suicide or hurt themselves this has nothing to do with the depression itself but is an adverse reaction to the drug suicide attempts muscle tremors mania and psychosis or psychotic breaks which often means a trip to the local mental hospital or the local jail self-destructive behavior is another report patients will often get piercings or tattoos or have plastic surgery that they would not consider before now those are some of the many tragic results from these drugs that patients have experienced as you compare your own experience to there’s that will help you to see what reactions you have in common so that you can sort out what affects are the result of the drug and tell you understand the sources the problem you’re not going to be able to know how to address the problem and take care of it doctor Candace pert was one of the two developers have the serotonin binding process that made all of these serotonergic medicines possible in time magazine October 20th 1997 on page eight if you would like to look it up she talks about the widespread use of these drugs and declares I am alarmed at the monsters I have created doctor purge went on to voice your concern about the long-term use so these medications sane that we should see the same heart and lung problems that we saw with fen-fen in redox with these serotonergic anti-depressants as well never in the history of medicine has a developer any medication come out was such a strong negative statement about his or her own creation there have been many hurry granted developing the medications they developed but their apologies have come long after the drugs have been removed from the market never has a developer come out as strongly as doctor Candace pert has while the medications are even still on the market considering that about one in every seven Americans is on one of these anti-depressants it is tragic that this information from doctor kurt has not made headline news now one thing we mentioned previously that was the problem with the SSRI induced hypoglycemia I find that hypoglycemic reactions are very common with these drugs even if you do not experience the hyperglycemic reaction while on the drug it should be expected when you withdraw from any mind altering medication so the blood sugar issue is one that must be addressed keep in mind also that the accumulation of these drugs in brain tissue produces a delayed withdrawal affect and many long-term side effects puzzling to most patients as well as her doctors if you’ve already read my book prozac panacea or Pandora you know that doctor Craig Carson put out a study as early as 1993 showing that the level of prozac accumulates in brain tissue he found the same with packs all and other studies show the same type accumulation in the brain with Lou box doctor carson found that prozac accumulates in brain tissue at a rate 100 times greater than what is in the blood he believes that this high rate of accumulation in the brain tissue is why once a patient has an adverse reaction it will continue for some time after discontinuation the medication doctor carson told me a one patient on the drug for one year them off for two years before she died when he tested the brain tissue at death he said that even he was surprised to find that the level of the drug was higher than he would have expected with looking at his own study results so when you look at an accumulation rate that high within the brain he said that the patients who began to experience signed affects should expect to continue to have them for quite some time even after coming off the drug so it is important to learn how to withdraw safely from the drugs how to overcome the effects on that accumulation and the brain and work around what is happening to lessen the adverse affects and the withdrawal affects this is what we’re going to address now first serve our with hyperglycemia whether a patient is aware they have it or not it’s often the reason for the drugs being given initially symptoms of hyperglycemia include depression anxiety and panic ok even suicidal tendencies now you will suffer hyperglycemia and the withdrawal so you need to know how to handle that first serve all these are the symptoms of hyperglycemia you may want to note how many symptoms you had before taking the antidepressant and also note how many you have noticed appearing in since taking the antidepressant confusion impaired memory mood swings irritability depression hyperactivity inability to concentrate negative attitude hopelessness anxiety exhaustion sweating tremor vertigo heart palpitations muscle pain backache anorexia crying spells phobias or unjustified fears a separate list also mentions numbness chronic indigestion mental confusion cold hands or feet blurred vision muscle twitching or cramps joint pain antisocial behavior recklessness obesity staggering abdominal spasms fainting or blackouts compulsions and suicidal tendencies even though that sounds like virtually every reason for which they give these drugs that is a description of hyperglycemia a study indicating a high rate of de beers and those diagnosed bipolar was published in the September 1999 issue up the American Journal of Psychiatry in the study is states that scientists have known since the turn of the century that mental illnesses our blood sugar related certainly the public knows little love this and few doctors seem to be aware either hypoglycemia is a condition in which the pancreas is not functioning properly the pancreas malfunctions causing too much insulin to be released which drops the blood sugar below normal this is a critical situation for the brain since the brain cannot function without proper blood sugar levels the minute the blood sugar level begins to drop brain cells die that is how dependent brain functioning as a pump blood sugar levels so you need to understand how critical it is to keep your blood sugar at normal levels anything that increases serotonin drops blood sugar levels these antidepressant Stewart various foods such as white sugar nutrasweet dairy turkey also do it stress does it as well so on coming through the withdrawal process we want you to keep this in mind so that you can focus on keeping the blood sugar levels balanced in doing this it will prevent the condition in which you may suffer additional brain damage from the blood sugar imbalances let us look at some of the most commonly reported adverse affects the withdrawal the most common is insomnia restoring sleep patterns is the most difficult withdrawal symptom to deal with and sleep is so critical to mental help flu-like symptoms common withdrawal rebound depression worse than what you took the drug for exhaustion chronic fatigue it’s also diagnosed in the withdrawal irritability leading to rage if you have ever seen someone coming of nicotine you have some idea of the irritability produced in drug withdrawal electric shocks throughout the extremities seizures and of course the most dangerous withdrawal of fact is the mild seizure activity over the Rams sleep behavior disorder which leads to psychotic breaks the RAM sleep behavior disorder is a whole combination of things going on in the body it is for the Rams sleep to dream state has been sour pressed for so long that the brain forces you into a dream where you are awake this is asleep like state where you begin to act out dreams or nightmares most often nightmares this RAM sleep behavior disorder will often be labeled mania or psychosis keep in mind that increases in serotonin produce both nightmares and sleep walk the potential for the Rams sleep behavior disorder is high with these drugs during a news or income enough for them so what we want to do is avoid all of these withdrawal effects if possible especially the serious and life-threatening ones the key to avoiding the most serious withdrawal effects has proven to be the time element the biggest mistake patients and doctors make in withdrawal from these drugs is coming down to quickly this throws a patient into a span that is most difficult come out I have and causing one to think that they need to be medicated again thus producing the vicious cycle starting back on the medications in order to stop your withdrawal patients must withdraw very very very slowly while rebuilding nutrients to produce the energy they need to handle the withdrawal this is literally the key to avoiding Indian up in a psych ward as you withdraw from these drugs if you slowly and gradually come off the medications the body and brain have a chance to adjust to the lower and lower levels after the chemical you must remember that the brain has had to adjust overtime to the chemicals mean there and once the brain has changed its chemical makeup to adjust for the drug be in there stopping cold turkey is like pulling the carpet right out from under your cell coming off a very steep mountainside in one single step that is why it is called crash scene you don’t wanna do that once someone who was on these drugs understands how dangerous the drugs can be the first thing they want to do is get off now now and fortunately in 12 years as I have been working with those withdrawing from these drugs I have yet to see someone come off the drugs cold turkey and do well there are a few that have had very few withdrawal symptoms but I will tell you that they are very few in numbers they are those individuals who had such a strong physical constitution when they were originally put on the drug that they were able to handle the withdrawal affects but the longer you’ve been on the medications the weaker your constitution years and the more difficult it is to withdraw so remember to be kind and gentle to yourself as you go through this a few of the things you need to do is to keep a diary of how you feel and how you were doing each day this is very important because when the bad days here patients say that they cannot recall good days and all it doesn’t matter how many good days they’ve had in a row once that bad day hits they forget all the rest it is very helpful if you keep the diary so that when a bad day does come you can look back at your diary and say okay now how many good days than I have in a row once I get through this one bad day I will have this many more good days again it tends to go that way patients report that in the beginning they will have several bad days and then one good day then they will have several more bad days and then two good days several more bad days and three good days so that you’re having more and more good days and fewer and fewer bad days he will find that keeping a diary is very helpful in tracking at let me read from an email I recently got from someone working on withdrawal she had attempted to withdraw from her anti-depressant before this and she had very poor results she ended up back on the drug because she was unable to handle the withdrawal now she is withdrawing through the very slow and gradual process recommended here shaving a tiny bit of the pill each day taking months to withdraw instead of weeks it takes a lot of patience to do this but through this method a very very slow withdrawal patients are able to completely get offer these drugs get their life back together again and not go through the terrible withdrawal that can stop them from functioning as an individual and clearly you will see that this is a simple list in the easiest way patients have found a good of these medications let me read to you what she says I’m now down five milligrams a prozac a day I am so excited I’ve been at that level for over a week now and I’ve had much fewer problems cutting back a little bit at a time this time the first two days after cutting back require much sleep and some Kama my auntie for the jitters site try to cut back on Thursday or Friday so that I have the weekend to rest and let my body rebuild itself and this way I have not had to miss work and that short term memory loss problems are very mild when that seems to block my thinking I just sleep for a few hours then it goes away I’ve found that severe stress over a period three to six hours can cause the same sensation as cutting back tears but sleep takes caravan each time by stress i mean while at work if I focus really hard on something I have to analyze and just literally wear myself out trying to come up with a solution by the end of the day I have some difficulties thinking and remembering it is like the thought is there one minute and it’s gone the next but I’ve decided I’m going to come off the last five milligrams even more slowly than I did the original twenty this has been a real learning situation but I feel better and calmer than I have since beginning this medication over year or two ago thanks to you in your book in your internet site I’m finally getting back to me even my temper is better and I can actually feel with my heart again instead of just with my head so now when I get angry or happy or sad I don’t just feel it in my head I feel with my heart also the genuine emotions are returning I have even almost quit using foul language because my anger is not explosive anymore I use to never use foul language before taking these medications anyway I just thought I would touch base with you and let you know what’s going on with me and let you know that your efforts have not been in vain and that they have helped at least one person and by the way my sisters now learning how to get of these medications as well okay I’ve got a couple of other experiences that you need to hear about because it will be very tempting the US you begin to feel better to just quit the medications as your weaning yourself off so you need understand what problems you can run into when you do that after your own pack soul and then learning what it does the adverse affects Kim decided that she wanted to come of this medication in doing so she cleaned up for dianne she decided after learning more about diet that she wanted to become vegan and get rid of meat and dairy products so she wanted turned a really good foods she began to use one at the Sun writer products called new class as a way to rebuild her body she worked very hard to change her family’s diet and helper children TE right along with her then slowly very slowly and gradually with the fingernail file she shaved her pill a little tiny bit more each day over months to come down after the drug generally patients find that if they’ve been on the drug for a year that five to six months is about what it takes for them to be able to wean themselves slowly off the medication so between one third to one half the total amount of time that you are on any of these drugs or combination these drugs to come down offer them seems to be the safest to mount a withdrawal time that is unless you’ve been on any combination of these drugs over a total period of two years or more then a year to come off is about what is needed one man I help to had been on several SSRI’s over a 10-year period took two and a half years to wean himself slowly down offer the drugs because he wanted to avoid any reactions in the withdrawal when Kim got down to about five milligrams a day she ran out of her medication and she thought that she could just quit and be all right she was really busy and just didn’t have time to go down and pick up her prescription well about a week later she called me and after we talked for a while I said how are you doing on your withdrawal she replied how well I just quit a week ago I ran outta my pills and I thought I’d just stop I gasped for air and said Ono cam you can’t do that she wanted to know why and then I explain that you begin by Dean everyone’s head of for starters she said well I did just have a really big fight with my husband and my parents called the other day and now that you mention I was biting their heads off she said I guess I can see what you mean I didn’t even stop to think that it was the withdrawal it’s so easy to find other reasons why these things might happen but I can see that I’ve really been snapping at others I really have been irritable so Kim decided that she would go back on packs a lot about half a poor she was when she quit the week before then she weaned herself fully down of over the next month or so and did really well so you do get side tracked by other things and it’s very very tempting to just quit after you get down always after the drugs but keep in mind that you can still go into quite serious withdrawal effects when this happens so try to avoid that now one very critical point for you to understand about abrupt withdrawal is that many patients seem to think that when they’ve made it through the first month or two months after coming off the drug cold turkey that they have made it through the withdrawal and they’re feeling better than they have in years all the years that they were on the drugs but the worst part is the withdrawal can hit three four five even six months or more down the road when you come off these drugs too quickly you can experience different forms have psychosis ur mania an abrupt withdrawal in mania you become very paranoid and then become psychotic one particular case I worked on was that a young man who was a seventh-day Adventist so he’d been raised in a really good healthy diet he had been on Prozac for a ears and had been able to handle it fairly well even though we had suffered many the terrible side effects which had destroyed his marriage in caused him to have other manic reactions over that time period at least he was still alive after eight years on it at that point he decided that he should come off the drug sorry just stop taking it he did quite well and tell about six months later when he began to have all the signs of withdrawal induced mania he began having thoughts a burning down the ranch where he was stain and killing all the horses on the ranch he was drinking he was hoarding guns he was having an extremely bizarre thoughts to the point that it really frightened him he shared those fears and violent parts with his sister who was a nurse together they decided that he should go to a doctor and get back on medication so he immediately started back on the prozac he had thinking that it would help but once the withdrawal induced mania is triggered by the shock the withdrawal starting back on an SSRI is generally the worst thing you can do remember that mania is high levels of serotonin anyway so a drug designed to increase serotonin levels even further is an extremely poor choice anti-seizure medications would have course been the better choice if he had to be taking meds but we know even these rarely help in withdrawal induced mania after he started back on the prozac it became much worse they went to see a doctor the doctor prescribed packs all which of course is even stronger and serotonin reuptake than the prozac and the high serotonin is the trigger for mania two weeks later he walked up to his brother-in-law holly was talking on the phone put a gun to his neck and pulled the trigger he was in such as sleep like stayed at that point that as he picked up the phone to tell the individual on the other hand who was his sister that he had just shot her husband and must hang up so he could call 911 she said that he sounded like a robot the 911 operator also reported that he sounded like a robot the sister call right back and was able to talk him into realizing what he had done he then spent the next our while the emergency personnel made their way to the secluded area for they were to save the brother in law’s life luckily his brother-in-law did live but unfortunately when these reactions happen in withdrawal there’s not always someone there that can help you come to a level of consciousness so that you know what you’re doing in order to help repair the damage you’ve caused this is an extremely serious and very critical situation that can come from coming up for these drugs cold turkey especially after you’ve been on them a long time the anger very angry feelings that come with mania from abrupt withdrawal can continue for months even years after the drug so you see that throwing your body into that kinda shock through the cold turkey withdrawal can be very dangerous another case to consider Eric was given Zoloft for serious back problems it was given to him for pain a pain medication this is something the drug has not been approved for but it has become quite common for doctors to use these drugs this way because remember I mention the numbing effect that comes from them in my opinion these drugs should be classified as the so should have anesthetics just like PCP it is because I’ve that nominee in an anesthetic effect that so many patients describe their withdrawal as if they’re coming out from under anesthesia or as if they’ve been deep sea diving in and are coming close to the surface as they become more and more aware of what’s going on around them unfortunately after several years on the drug Carrick develop diabetes no one bothered to tell him that by be dis was a side effect the SSRI antidepressants and stead he continued to take the medication after being on it for about five years very long period of time we have no idea what these drugs do in long-term US Eric then developed serotonin syndrome remember that is a condition that can take your life in a 24-hour period they had to immediately remove Eric from the zoloft anyone into terrible abrupt withdrawal see you need to know that stain on these drugs is not a safe option either it can get much worse when you hit those toxic levels the withdrawal does not have to be horrible if you have attempted abrupt withdrawal the cold turkey approach in the past you need to know that the problems you ran into were caused by the shock from the abrupt withdrawal it is possible to slowly and gradually wean yourself off the medications and still have a life now let’s go into my these things happen one thing you need to understand is that an antidepressant by the name itself is opposite other depressant so what have we got we’ve got a stimulant your body’s been stimulated to appoint to give you the energy you need to do things in life that is what cocaine years and that is why people take cocaine to stimulant if you’re driving your car down the road in you run outta gas what’s the logical thing to do you stop grab the gas can and you go get gas so that you can get word is you’re trying to go you don’t take a sledgehammer out in the trunk Mb the bumper to get word is that you want to go but that’s what it is that we do to your body when we force it to perform beyond its own energy supply imagine a balance scale you can either force your body and brain to do what you want them to do by using a stimulant or you can build the body’s energy levels basically fill up the gas tank so that you’ll have the energy you need to cope with life both physically and mentally the one thing these drugs do and illegal drugs do it also is slowly deplete the body %uh vitamins and minerals nutrients that you need to function your energy supply and as you go into a deeper and deeper level of malnutrition your ability to cope in your ability to deal with life physically and mentally will be severely impaired these serotonergic medications have a very strong impact upon the body’s ability to metabolize foods or to metabolize your nutrients that is why so many of the symptoms are side effects of these anti-depressants are related to the digestive system ninety percent of the serotonin in the body comes from the intestinal tract and when you understand that you began to see why they weren’t s no problems with these drugs but as you look at the body’s ability to metabolize nutrients to provide the fuel you need to cope with everything in life you understand how important it is that you work hard at rebuilding that nutritional level that has been depleted by the drugs let me just briefly read one section to you outta my book and this is about doctor francis pottenger he is well known for his research on cath and nutrition this sales wanna the experiments more startling discoveries is that once a female cat is subjected to a deficit diet for a period of 12 to 18 months her reproductive efficiency is reduced so that she is never again able to give birth normal kittens even after three or four years a meeting on optimum dieter kittens will show signs of deficiency in skeletal and dental development now of 12 to 18 months of malnutrition can do that to an individual mean this is frightening to understand what we’re doing to ourselves when we destroy our nutritional level his research was monumental by the way in this study he did go on to find out that when now to cats kittens were maintained on an optimum diet a gradual reversal and regeneration began to take place so keep that in mind I believe that this regeneration is something that will happen to the mother cat as well as it did to her kittens through rebuilding the level of nutrition and doctor per believes this also the body will work it rebuilding itself once you just give it the building blocks the body actually builds over three hundred billion new cells everyday given to those building blocks and it will work at repairing any damage building very healthy cells from the good nutrition it may take time but I believe it can be done if we really work at it now let’s talk about all the different things that we can do now to work on rebuilding the body in the brain keep in mind that we know that one single 30 milligram dose a prozac given to someone who’s never taken a before and never takes it again just one single 30 milligram dose will double the body’s levels of cortisol cortisol is the hormone that designates when the bodies and stress when an individual is depressed the cortisol level girls up a doubly know the cortisol level with one dose a prozac is a shockingly powerful negative a fact on the entire system in the body I’m convinced that this huge increase in cortisol comes from the stress neural hormone the doctor Suleman spoke a serotonin so when we look at a stress response a doubling of cortisol I expect to see with the new research even higher levels of cortisol produced by selects a packs all some other newer anti-depressants that we now have an even stronger a fact on the RIA taken serotonin with this in mind we see clearly that the body suffers extreme stress as a result the serotonergic anti-depressants in fact most people after being on these drugs show all the signs of post-traumatic stress syndrome stress is very detrimental to the body and to the brain as is cortisol this can weaken the immune system your energy supply is depleted you lose your ability to cope the excess adrenaline flow lowers the level of consciousness mania and depression seizures in cancer can all be induced by a series of constant stressors even mild stressors that are continuous so every time a chemical inducers such a strong stress response we are being profoundly affected with each pill and the stress is accumulating throughout the body and the brain in our day in age avoiding stress is almost impossible we’re surrounded by stress in our lives everywhere we look but we stumble across enough stress in life without looking for it and asking for more in taking drugs that can cause this type of cortisol release so let’s look at things we can do to lower this drug induced stress response there are many common sense solutions we need to spend less time trying to keep up with the Joneses and more time with their loved ones who give us comfort and joy perhaps a career change would help to alleviate stress there are many ways to support a family we don’t have to do the jobs we’re doing we can try other things although the affects after the drug will make you think that you have no alternative it is not true you have many options available to you in life nature is incredibly soothing and healing try Garden Inn a trip to the mountains lying in the grass for walking through the grass can give you energy listening to running water is so soothing and the negative ions that come from the moving water are very healing petting a dog or a cat has been demonstrated to be very healing any pet can help you to get rid of much stress in your life plain soft classical music especially Baroque music will help the brain to function at a better and higher rate plain soft classical music throughout the night to calm a nervous for fussy baby who refuses to sleep will give you and the baby a chance to catch up on much needed sleep learn to take naps and also learn to go to bed early we know that going to bed earlier can read someone have depression quickly in those that cannot use anti depressants this is recommended going to bed early resets their internal time clock and gets rid of any symptoms of depression we know that going to bed early for week well marked depression for six months at a time learn how to release traumas from the past so that you will have the tools to deal with similar traumas without overreacting cut stimulants or chemical stressors out of your daily diet now that means things like nutrasweet which increases serotonin anything that increases serotonin all those should be avoided this means stimulants have any kind we know that jello ice cream sugar refined carbohydrates all of these types of things can have a strong effect upon the serotonin levels we have a new report out at the University of Florida on dairy products for those unable to metabolize milk proteins something that appears to be a result of antidepressant use the milk proteins build up in the brain and turned a case %uh morphine morphine is a powerful serotonin reuptake inhibitor keep in mind that serotonin is high in schizophrenia art is a mania all of these types of disorders doctor cades study out at the University of Florida does support that research because he found that when he took patients who were schizophrenic an artistic of dairy products eighty percent these patients had all symptoms disappear now that is incredible to know that diet can cause that big a difference in someone’s life these are the most serious mental disorders we face in our society today if you can do something as simple as removing dairy products from your diet it is certainly worth trying there are many natural remedies we can use rather than popping a pill we need to learn more about those natural remedies especially 13 Chino point after using these drugs were you are literally very chemically sensitive most patients have been on the serotonergic medications for any amount of time have become very sensitive to other medications any type of chemical forcing them to search out natural remedies and educate themselves more about these natural alternatives learn more about your own strengths so that you can use a strengths to help your in overcoming the difficulties in life gain wisdom and knowledge in many areas have to live so that you will feel more capable have handling a large variety of situations to not be self-centered learn to serve in care for others if you have problems caring for others it might do you a lot of good to do some Jenny allergy why genealogy because once you begin doing it you will find how closely related everyone nervous years it makes it easier to love people when you realize how closely related you are to them now one more thing to avoid although we did not mention it before is me the reason for avoiding meat or at least eating much smaller amounts is a stimulant effect that comes from eating the meat you need to distance yourself from anything that triggers a stress response when an animal faces death the death process itself will trigger an adrenaline rush this is the fight or flight hormone release it is natural for the entire system to be completely saturated with adrenaline in order for that animal to attempt to save its life so as the tissues at the meet are saturated with adrenaline which is chemically identical to speed or in phantom and it will produce stress in your system at the very least try to avoid meat in the withdrawal process it will make that process much easier for you remember these drugs highly protein-bound so as you avoid these more complex proteins they’ll have less to hold onto and your body will be able to flush them now eat good nutritious foods to overcome the drug induced malnourishment that we were talking about before so many other side effects in withdrawal effects are caused by the mound nourishment organic or as natural as you can get are the easiest for the body to absorb and use and they contain higher levels of nutrients summon the things that we have found that really help in a withdrawal things that patients have continually reported are very very helpful to them are these now some of these are sold through multi-level companies but I will let you know the easiest way to get them and the cheapest way to get them first you need a good vitamin mineral supplement food form is always preferred because they are much easier to digest and assimilate so we will discuss a couple here if you have to use pills okay but find good sources not in one and a brand or Centro more junk like that use good organic natural sources because %uh the negative reports coming from patients it would be better to find a vitamin without vitamin K Canadian versions a multi-vitamins generally do not have the vitamin K in them the anti-oxidant pic knowledge in all grape seed extract is very helpful other anti-oxidants are Coke you can or gingko they work better if you use them while you come down after the drug if you do wait until you’re off the drug to try them you can get adverse reactions and less you begin with very very small amounts and work up on the dosage it may be that they are producing a cleansing a fact that is too strong to and I’ll after the withdrawal flaxseed oil is another very important nutrient that helps the brain to rebuild I attended the convention at the National Institute of Health in September of 1998 the entire convention was on flaxseed oil or omega-3 oils such as fish oil there were doctors from around the world reporting their success in helping patients who were schizophrenic manic severely depressed had ADHD and ADB suffering from PMS her seizures all of these disorders were tremendously helped by using flaxseed oil or the Amiga 3000 oils generally they use about 1 tablespoon a day you can use just plain flaxseed if you can find the flax by getting a coffee grinder blend them up into a powder make some oatmeal and then sprinkle the powder over the all-male or you can make a blender drink and throw the powder in the blender drink when you’re using a sweetener a little bit of pure maple syrup as a sweetener because pure maple syrup not the sugar water log cabin kind pure maple syrup is about the best sweetener their ears when it comes to the hyperglycemic tendencies that you go through in the withdrawal also great for sweet mean as it helps the pancreas to rebuild is stevia and the Sun writer products have an excellent form a liquid stevia that will mention later eating a small handful of almonds six to twelve almonds is an excellent and simple way have keeping the blood sugar level normal if you’re really having problems with blood sugar you can do six to twelve almonds every hour to two hours and find that it will balance that sugar all no knee is very helpful this is a fruit juice that is made from the no ni fruit it has a digestive enzyme and that is the active ingredient no ni has been used in that Islands the hawaiian islands for years for all types surveillance no need to use will help you to get rid of the dis- so should have stayed that comes from these drugs that almost being in a dream state that you feel in the withdrawal it will help to prevent mania I have been amazed at what I’ve seen only do with those who have gone manic because these drugs their order line is 800 445 2969 and if you use the number 26 506 is the member number then you can order wholesale I have tried other brands without the same beneficial results cranial massage is another thing that is very helpful and it will release a lot of pressure if there is any swelling in the head a demon is a common problem with these drugs I suspect that the brain swells also cranial massage has been reported by patients to be very beneficial in getting rid of the panic or anxiety that comes from the adrenaline rushes and the withdrawal some love those adrenaline rushes have been reported to go on for four hours straight once the adrenaline is triggered you can’t seem to slow it down but keep in the blood sugar normal is critical in preventing those adrenaline rushes now remember that the spine is an extension on the brain all nerves are housed in the spine so it is very important to make sure that there are no kinks there with a high serotonin constricting the muscles the back can be pulled out a place easily causing the vertebrae to pension herbs keepin’ outflow going through the spine that energy flow is very helpful to brain function this is likely why there are so many studies out now that fine that chiropractic care is very beneficial and drug withdrawal acupuncture has been known for decades to be beneficial in the withdrawal from any drug patients are having an incredible success with it as well negative ions help to lower the serotonin levels doctor soloman did much research on negative ions learning that they could reduce the high levels of serotonin just from running a shower you can produce negative ions there are also negative ion machines that you might want to check into doctor Suleman founder that even though the serotonin levels are high and people who sleep poorly using a negative ion machine in a room would cause these people to sleep better many patients are given seep out machines because they have an inability to sleep while so many develop sleep apnea after being on these drugs for the seep out machine is also something that your doctor might recommend increasing arcs journey is very healing there are many oxygen bars that are opening up throughout the country just like a juice bar where you can actually go in and get a hit a rock surgeon for a long time pilots an emergency officials have known that if they have consumed alcohol chance for us to be doing before work but they need to sober up in order to get to work breathe in oxygen will get rid of the affects on the alcohol so it would seem logical to me that oxygen would be very very helpful in getting rid of the foggy feeling in the brain after these drugs hyperbaric oxygen treatments have been reported to cut withdrawal time an adverse withdrawal affects drastically if you have a hyperbaric oxygen treatment center in anywhere near you use them another product is put out by christopher’s if any %uh viewer familiar with doctor John Christopher the herbalist this was put together by his son David the product is called Prix track they have another product called pro track which they recommend using after the drugs they also have a product called pink t which is very good at rebuilding the pancreas another product called vital herbs is excellent in rebuilding the nutrients in the body they have an eight hundred-number which is 800 453 14 06 another product available in any help story is a homeopathic formula I called combs it is very helpful in getting through the withdrawal you also heard me earlier read an email for a patient use cam a mile T cam a mile is a wonderfully soothing and calming herbal tea that I highly recommend to restore sleep patterns it would be hard to get enough cam a mile it’s just a really good drink another herbal combination that I really like for Khamenei as harps malaria and skullcap patients report that using the larry in alone can cause a stimulating effect so the combination those three IRD seem to work much much better and they’re very calming available at any health store to very big no nos in my opinion are Saint Johns wart and the five HTP that you can find in health stores Saint Johns wart is not to be used in conjunction with medications because if it’s a fact in increasing serotonin you can even produce serotonin syndrome using it in conjunction with anti-depressants any antidepressant so Saint Johns wart and 5-htp or anything else that target serotonin to increase it I would prefer that patients stay away from those things I would rather you rebuild your body with nutrients than to use something that is the serotonergic agent like Saint John’s word were five HTP which both increase serotonin another thing that does increase serotonin is very popular as a sleep aid and should be avoided that is melatonin even though it may be tempting to use it to help you with your sleep problems I would not do so another thing that should be avoided is in Eagle annular products these are often passed off by a chiropractor’s as natural health aides but they do produce a steroid affect and can cause very serious reactions after using these drugs check the supplement shirt a keen see if there’s any typeof glandular substances that are included in the house everything we have said here applies to all anti-depressants all the older ones as well so keep that in mind as you learn these things and learn how to rebuild your body you know that you can overcome the effects of those drugs as well I certainly hope that you understand by now that you are to avoid stimulants even caffeine and nicotine because it is gonna be harder for you to handle any kind a stimulant effect after being on these drugs both the caffeine and nicotine will keep you from being able to metabolize the high levels of serotonin that you have build up on that tie depressants they will also trigger stress responses the last thing that you need in withdrawal so avoid them if possible or we none of them after your withdrawal from the anti-depressants so that you do not suffer increased numbers have negative side effects and after a fax also keep in mind that many up these after a fax such as high cholesterol allergies they all come from the weakened immune system fibromyalgia symptoms MS symptoms the digestive problems all of these come from the drugs trying to avoid any other medications for these symptoms Witcher actually side affects so that they do not interfere with your withdrawal remember that metabolism takes more energy than running a marathon meets take 12 to 24 hours to digest grains take six to 12 hours but fruits and veggies only take 30 minutes to an hour to digest so to get more nutrition and conserve energy use lots of fruits and veggies to rebuild because they’re easier to digest than anything else you have all that extra energy that you would have used for metabolizing foods that you can use to help your body to heal it’s simple math jus seen as a very good way to get well but work at it gradually as you begin to use more and more fruits and veggies start with cooked foods and slowly go to more and more Raja because the raw has the enzymes to help make them easier to digest if you recall Sunrider new plus is the product that Kim used to rebuild and she did so well in coming down off packs all in my opinion this is one of the best products I found in rebuilding nutrients because it is easier to digest than a vitamin and it’s an easy way to feed yourself when you’re so exhausted from going through the withdrawal from the drug be sure to get the new plus though that is mostly herbal so as they give you all the different types tell them that you want the one that is all herbs to order number for Sunrider is 888 278 6743 you’re welcome to order that product yourself by referring to member number 00 127 1794 under the name doctor and Blake Tracy if you find you need assistance with Sunrider products you are welcome to call della had 1 800 759 6222 you’ll find many products there that are very easy to assimilate and help to restore the hormonal en andere consistent the body NASCAR for any advice another company with excellent am very helpful products is the Owais sis anti aging system they have three products I am very impressed with and the ones that I would recommend that they do have those are met a very an anti-oxidant drink met a green which is helpful in rebuilding and out long gold an all appear a drink which has been very helpful with the digestive pains and problems that are caused by these drugs you can order these products online at away since network dot com or by calling one 877 627 47 87 you can refer to member number one 05 7 553 another product is Young Living Essential Oils I have found these to be of great benefit after using these drugs when I first heard about aromatherapy it sounded a little odd to me and till I began to realize that the fastest way to reach the brain is through the nasal passage that passage goes directly into the brain tissue so when someone uses inhalants which are so very dangerous and damaging to brain tissue it is because as a direct contact that it does have two brain tissue going through the nasal passage the aromatherapy oils have the same access to the brain and yet they are very beneficial as they nourish the brain tissue Berg montes one other oils that has been known for centuries to be very helpful with mania and depression lavender is very well known to help and strass peace and call me in as a young levin product that is a combination Avoyelles that is very soothing and calming valor is my favorite for their combinations and help should have strength and courage this is a wonderful way to heal yourself and feel better applying these essential oils to the body breathe in the me an I like using them up and down the spinal cord because have courses you remember the spine is an extension on the brain and the nerves throughout the entire body are contained within that spinal cord so if you can put the oils along the spine they go into the system very quickly in fact when the oils are applied to the bottom in feed we know that within three to four seconds they have found those oils in the saliva of the body so they are very rapidly absorbed in the body begins to use some immediately you will find that they are very soothing and very healing there’s new and exciting information coming out about these oils a recent study out of the England reported that Sage was very beneficial in restoring memory the patient’s rub the oil into their scalp we also learned recently that the oils are being studied at Brigham Young University in classes are even being tired on these essential oils at that University a recent case report on the oils covered the case a woman that suffered brain damage from her you serve so loft she also suffered major depression which was the reason for the prescribe enough the drug the side affects according to her were beyond belief she was suffering from short term memory loss as well as the brain damage interestingly they found that there was a small vessel breakage in the brain that controls short term memory she was able to reverse that damage within several months you seen to up the Young Living combinations known as clarity and joy she also recommends the combination Avoyelles known as brainpower doctor Gary Young who heads Young Living has done much to educate america about the therapeutic uses have these oils he suffered many health problems from a terrible accident that left him in a wheelchair of course due to many alternative treatments he has been out on that wheelchair for years and is an excellent help doctor young also has a large book that he has written called PDR for essential oils which lists many diseases which oils to use for those and how do you see each oil for each disorder the text lists the following oils as been very good for the brain frankincense lavender sandalwood forgiveness and release frankincense is the one or oil I would like to make mandatory after using these drugs due to the high risk for cancer we now know that the possibility of breast cancer is seven hundred percent greater after packs or use and I suspect similar results to come in with the other SSRI’s franken census most incredible in fighting cancer I think it should be used under the arms like deodorant would be as a preventative against breast cancer it must be deluded with another carrier oil like almond or a per card or 10 the massage base oils from Young Living last summer my own daughter came to me to show me she had developed lumps under her arms she should’ve let me know sooner but as a typical 20-year-old she was too busy running to play all the time to stop long enough for their apt as I checked her I was scared to death that what I found not only were their lumps they were as hard as marbles and about the size of marbles had they been soft I would not have been so worried as a cancer survivor myself I knew all too well that we could very well be dealing with cancer in advanced stages I told her to immediately stop using the deodorant and the antiperspirant with aluminum in them that I had warned her to never use then I gave her a mix of cold-pressed a per card oil with frankincense oil mixed and that about 40 drops to for answers she was instructed to use this under her arms as often as she would think a bit throughout the day we saw improvement rapidly and within a month all signs %uh any lumps were completely gone on frankincense is miraculous in all of its properties and helpful for so many different ailments a woman I have worked with for over four years now had severe reactions to prozac she called last week to scream those oils really work I said yes I know that’s why I told you to try them for years ago she said well I wanted to try one thing at a time clarity in brain power have worked better than anything else I actually got up in the middle of my favorite TV program and did some housecleaning for the first time in years after using them I have had to have a maid come and to do that for me since my reaction to prozac years ago this is a miracle I just had to tell you another mother recently reported that her son who had had terrible reactions to the drugs became a new person using valor on his neck the valor was applied just before his grandfather took him golfing the results were so amazing with this teenager that the grandfather stop to call and ask what the mother had done he had been with his grandson just three days before and could not believe the difference in him he said on a scale of one to 10 the day had been an 11 or 12 the mother said I just about died I couldn’t believe it this boy was laughing and smiling and telling his grandfather that he was going to get his dad to play golf with them the following day another Young Living Products I should mention as well is steven seagal’s power meal it is so excellent in balancing the blood sugar to order Young Living Products the number is one eight hundred 763 9963 you are welcome to use member number to 2004 8 under the name doctor and Blake Tracy I wish you the very very best in your withdrawal be careful and do remember com down slowly that’s the best advice I could ever give you this is doctor ambling Tracy wishing you the very best issue do this thank you

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