American Addict 2 Trailer | School Shootings Addressed


Mental Illness or Medication Induced Psychosis?

I just recieved the trailer for American Addict 2 which we have been filming this past year. It will be out in February/March of 2015. I hope you all come to see it. It will focus a lot of attention on the problems with antidepressants in our society. As you can see from the trailer below the school shootings are addressed as well.

Dr. Gregory Smith and his producer Sasha Knezev are doing an amazing job of addressing America’s real drug problem – prescription drugs. American Addict 1 was #1 on Netflix for several months this past year. Hopefully you have had a chance to see it already.

* Click here to see the trailer for American Addict 2:

* Click here www.ssristories.NET/school-shootings for a database of school shootings documenting antidepressants in each case

* Click here to listen to a three hour radio show on KTTK radio with Mills Crenshaw interviewing me (one of my most detailed shows ever) on the subject of school shootings, problems with the antidepressants and history of these drugs – MUCH of which I will guarantee you have never heard before no matter how much you thought you knew about antidepressants and serotonin

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